Gümüşhane Plateau

Nowadays, custumer’s expectations have been gradually changed and developed. Espicially, by the late of 20. centruies,Sea, Sand, Sun triangle that is classicial tourism perception instead of many alternative tourism was born. With Pleteau Tourism Potential, Gumushane is one of the cities that will be star of the pleteau tourism. Gumushane has 429 pleteau but, six of them are more important for pleteau tourism. 

Kadırga Plateau

This pleteau is fifty km. from Gumushane city center. Traditionally, Kadirga Pleteau Festival is organized at third Friday of every June. 










Güvende Plateau

Its name takes from Guvenc Abdal who is Islamic scholar. This pleteau is fifty-seven from Gumushane city center. Guvende Pleteau Festival is organized by native societies at every year.


Erikbeli Plateau

This pleteau used for accommodation since 1500s. With natural grass, this pleteau suit for grass sky in summer. In winter, suit snow sky. Erikbeli Pleteau was declared by Culture and Tourism Minister in 1991. 

Taşköprü Plateau

Its name takes from TaskopruBridge. Historically, Fatih Sultan Mehmet used this way go to from Erzurum to Trabzon